Our Well-Paid Sales Team Have Plateaued! How Can We Motivate Them to The Next Level?

Reward & Recognition play a key role in the continuous motivation of any individual or team. A well structured Reward & Recognition programme focuses upon the core KPI’s associated within a particular role of an individual or a team. A clear measurement that when exceeded triggers recognition and, where appropriate, a reward. We like to align these to stretch targets as we know how hard it is to change a basic salary or a commission package. Take time to agree the stretched targets beyond the individuals ‘normal’ performance and clearly specify the rewards available upon achievement. A key point to note here, is that the rewards should be self funding through the achievement of the stretched target. Supplying the rewards of choice also further engages an individual or team. By this, do not assume that because you like a particular retailer that your entire team will think the same way. Give them choice within a reward value and avoid cash payments as they need to remember the reward! Cash should be used to best effect in the basic salary and associated commission or bonus elements, rewards are about a celebration of achievement. Recognition is just as important, so carefully think about how the individual or team will be recognised and how often recognition will be given. For more top tips please contact us.