CIPD Research Ways To Combat Employee Money Worries.

After the Christmas Period is when financial anxiety sky rockets, CIPD researched this matter and found that 1 in 5 are losing sleep at night due to money worries and that this lack of sleep is having a profound effect on their ability at work.

In a segment on BBC Breakfast this morning (11/1), Charles Cotton talks money worries with the country and spoke about the research the CIPD have conducted on the topic. Talking with the interviewer, a statistic was aired that stated it is not only low-income families that have money worries or money anxiety.

Charles Cotton can be seen saying that employers can provide certain things in order to help bring those money worries down, such as; training, ways of development in order for the employees to move up the corporate ladder, guidance in terms of being financially smart and education in terms of how to handle money and what is best for their money & finally he mentioned striking up deals with local businesses such as hairdressers and retailers to give the employees discounts on the luxuries that surround them.

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